SX-L310T Cleanroom Particle Counter

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SX-L310T air particle counter is a new generation touch screen portable air particle counter developed by our company. Its sampling airflow rate is 28.3L/min±5% (1CFM) and can test particles from 0.3 to 10µm in size with 7-inch color touch screen. Support English and Chinese language.

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The air particle counter is simple to operate and can quickly and effectively measure the number and particle size distribution of particles per unit volume in a clean environment. At the same time, our SX-L310T air particle counter can test according to various regulatory guidances and international standards such as CGMP, ISO14644, FS209E, etc. It is an ideal choice for pharmaceutical factories and electronics factories to quickly test clean room cleanliness.


1. Six channels: 0.3μm,0.5μm,1μm,3μm,5μm,10μm

2. 7-inch color touch screen and easy-to-use interface guide users through the testing process.

3. The body is made of SUS304 stainless steel, which is durable and easy to maintain;

4. Using Thomas air pump imported from Germany, stable work, low noise, energy saving and environmental protection;

5. Built-in imported digital flow sensor, dynamic and precise control of sampling flow;

6. The power supply can be AC power supply or the built-in large-capacity lithium battery, which is convenient for mobile testing in places without AC power.

7. The light source of this product is a semiconductor laser diode, and the receiver is an end-face photomultiplier tube, which has stable operation, long life and high sensitivity.


1. Cleanroom Monitoring

2. Medical Device Mfg/Pkg

3. Filter Testing

4. Hospital Surgery

5. Suites/Pharmacy

6. Food/Beverage

7. Cosmetic Mfg'g/Pkg'g

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  • pdf(1)TDS -SX-L310T Sothis Air Particle Counter

    1.Isokinetic sampling head
    2.Self-cleaning filter
    4.Printing paper
    5.Portable protective box
    6.Charging adapter
    8.Factory calibration report And others

    • Sell Sheet -Clean Room Particle Counter Model SX-L301T
    • Product Catalogue Of Sothis (Suzhou) Environment Technology Co.Ltd
      Product Catalogue Of Sothis (Suzhou) Environment Technology Co.Ltd
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