Sothis class 2 biosafety cabinet Type A2

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The Sothis ClassⅡA2 biosafety cabinet is designed for the safe handling of low to moderate risk substances in laboratories and other environments. The biosafety cabinet eliminates cross-contamination

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Product details

Biosafety cabinet (BSC) is a kind of biological protective equipment which provides protection for the user, product and the environment from particulate and aerosol hazards. . The work area of the biosafety cabinet is continuously bathed with purified air by HEPA filter to protect the product from contamination while an inward airflow is always under negative pressure, the operator and the environment are not exposed to harmful biological substances. 


1.ISO 5/Class 100 HEPA filter removes organisms and particulates 0.3 micron in size with an efficiency of 99.999%.
2.The inner tank, the liquid tank and the tray are all made of 304 stainless steel. The stainless steel work tray can also be removed from the biosafety cabinet for ease of cleaning. The lower part of the collection tank is equipped with a sewage interface for easy cleaning and disinfection.
3.The support leg is simple in design and has no exposed threads, which can adjust the level and stability of the biosafety cabinet.
4.The front window adopts tempered glass with clear optical perspective and disinfectant does not negatively affect it. When used by operator, the position can be adjusted freely and easily.
5.Our biosafety cabinets are ergonomically designed with a 10 degree tilt angle to provide users with maximum comfort and visual effects.
Safety monitoring system: When the front window rises above the safety limit of 200mm, there will be sound and light alarms.
6.30% of the airflow in the safety cabinet is discharged outside, and 70% of the airflow is recirculated through the HEPA filter.
7.The built-in UV lamp protection device is convenient for disinfecting the inside of the safety cabinet.

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  • pdf(1)TDS -SX-BHC-1000、1300 A2、B2 Sothis Biological Safety Cabinet


    • Sell Sheet -Biosafety Cabinet Class II A2
    • Product Catalogue Of Sothis (Suzhou) Environment Technology Co.Ltd
      Product Catalogue Of Sothis (Suzhou) Environment Technology Co.Ltd
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