Sothis JCQ-4 Microbial Air Sampler

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The microbial air sampler with the JCQ-4 model is developed based on Anderson’s 5-level collision principle which can detect the number of colonies of planktonic bacteria in the gas under a certain sampling volume and impact speed.

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The JCQ-4 type microbial air sampler complies with the ISO14698-1/2 requirements. It has the following characteristics:
1. The collection port is designed with 397 micro-holes which can reduce the overlap of dust and bacteria during the sampling process and reduce counting errors (Anderson principle level 5).
2. Equipped with a split sampling head to meet the sampling needs under special occasions.
3. Sampling volume, sampling time and other parameters are stored in pages and can communicate with the computer through the USB port.
4. Large-capacity battery, continuously taking sample with more than 6 hours.
5. It can be used with Sothis compressed gas detection supporting device to detect the concentration of microorganisms in compressed gas.
6. The maximum sampling period can reach 6000L.
7. The impact rate of the sampling head is about 10.8m/s, ensuring the particles larger than 1μm can be captured.


1. Cleanroom
2. Operating rooms
3. Pharmaceutical
4. Production plants,
5. Food
6. Cosmetic industries
7. Electronics factory

Technical Datasheet JCQ-4



Number of nozzles


Sampling period


Battery working time

Over 6 hours

Flow tolerance






Stainless steel



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