Sothis News What are role models?

Example is a kind of strength, showing progress; Example is a flag to inspire the fighting spirit; Example is a lighthouse to guide the way. In the team, example can play a leading role, create a good working atmosphere, and promote the positive development of the enterprise.

In order to motivate employees with excellent moral character and performance, fully mobilize employees' work enthusiasm and promote benign competition within the enterprise.Sothis held a commendation meeting for excellent employees in March, April and may on the morning of July 18, 2021!


Wu Ziyun, manager of Sothis public service department, presented the certificate and prize to every excellent employee.




Employees are the foundation of enterprise operation. The good development of an enterprise is inseparable from the joint efforts and dedication of all employees, especially excellent employees and model employees. Among them, there are not only calm and steady old employees, but also energetic rising stars; They come from different departments, different positions and different responsibilities, but they all use their honorary certificates to prove their efforts in their respective positions.


After the award ceremony, under the leadership of the host, the red package link that everyone expects to start


Sothis monthly selection of excellent employees has become normal. Excellent employees have not only won practical prizes, but also gained a sense of honor and respect. Such activities play a role of mentoring, can promote the ability of team members.

Labor creates wealth, commendation, encouragement and struggle. We hope that the staff who have been commended will make persistent efforts, continue to maintain a serious and hard-working attitude, play an exemplary and leading role, create a positive working atmosphere for the team and contribute to the good development of the company!

Post time: Jul-20-2021

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