Attention! Transfer window operation is not standard, the consequences are unimaginable

As an auxiliary equipment of clean room, transfer window is mainly used for the transfer of small items between clean and clean areas, non-clean areas and clean areas, so as to reduce the number of clean room doors and minimize the pollution of clean areas.

The transfer window plays an important role in the clean area. Improper operation will directly lead to the pollution of the clean area.

Operation specification:
1. Wipe the object to be delivered with 0.5% peracetic acid or 5% iodophor;
2. Open the side door outside the delivery window, quickly place the items to be delivered, use 0.5% peracetic acid spray to disinfect the delivery window, and close the side door outside the delivery window;
3. Turn on the ULTRAVIOLET lamp in the transfer window to illuminate the objects to be delivered for at least 15 minutes;
4. Notify the experimenter or staff in the barrier system, open the inside side door of the transfer window, and take out the items;
5. Close the inside side door of the transfer window.

In addition, it should be noted that the transfer window should be stored in a warehouse with a temperature of -10℃~+40℃, relative humidity no more than 80%, and no corrosive gases such as acid and alkali.

How to use the transfer window?
The following small series will take Suxin CHD-12 standard transfer window as an example, with you to understand the specific use of the transfer window.

Chd-12 transfer window is an air purification equipment used in the clean room. It is suitable for the transfer of medium and small goods between clean room and clean room or between clean room and non-clean room. The products are widely used in fine technology, electronics industry, biological laboratory, pharmaceutical factory, hospital, food processing industry and other air purification sites.

Design implementation standards:
1. JG/T 383-2012 Industry standard for transmission Windows in the construction industry
2. GB 50073-2001 Clean Plant Design Specification
3. 2010 the new GMP

Performance Characteristics:
1. The box body adopts high-quality SUS304 stainless steel or steel plate baking paint, which is smooth, smooth and easy to clean;
2. Double door interlock can effectively prevent cross contamination;
3. Special hygiene-grade silica gel sealing strip ensures air tightness;
4. Equipped with ultraviolet sterilization lamp, meeting the requirements of GMP;
5. Safe structure design, easy installation, clean room compatibility.

1. Materials entering and leaving the clean area shall be strictly separated from the flow of people, and shall be entered and left by the special channel for materials in the production workshop.
2. When the materials enter, the raw and auxiliary materials shall be sent to the temporary storage room of the raw and auxiliary materials through the transfer window after the person in charge of the preparation team organizes the personnel to remove the package or clean the appearance; After removing the outer packing from the outer temporary storage room, the inner packing material is sent into the inner compartment through the transfer window. The general staff of the workshop and the person in charge of the preparation and internal packaging process handle the material handover.
3. When passing through the transmission window, the provisions of “one open and one close” of the inside and outside doors of the transmission window must be strictly implemented, and the two doors cannot be opened at the same time. After the material is put into the outer door, close the door first, then open the inner door to take out the material, close the door, and so on.
4. When materials are sent out of the clean area, they should be transported to the relevant material intermediate station first and removed out of the clean area according to the reverse procedure when the materials entered.
5. All semi-finished products shipped from the clean area shall be sent to the external temporary storage room through the transfer window and transferred to the outer packing room through the logistics channel.
6. Highly polluting materials and wastes shall be transported to the non-clean area from their special transfer Windows.
7. After the material entering and leaving, the site and transfer window of each compartment or intermediate station should be cleaned in a timely manner, and the internal and external access doors of the transfer window should be closed to do a good job of cleaning and disinfection.

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