Mask Filter Test Machine/ Mask Fitting Tester 

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Mask filter test machine/Mask fitting tester, you can measure two values, particle penetration value (efficiency) and air flow resistance by using sodium chloride (NaCl). Mask filter test machine/mask fitting tester is the good solution for testing particulate respirator filters, disposable filtering face pieces, and a wide assortment of filter media.

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Mask filter test machine is one type of Automated Filter Material Tester is mainly used to determine the filter efficiency of self-suction particle-proof respirators and the filter efficiency and resistance of other materials.

These series of mask filter test machine normally has two purpose, one is filter product quality approval or certification tests, another is quality control test.

The certification tests require both sodium chloride (NaCl) and paraffin oil. Clean filters are tested for breathing resistance at both 30 liters per minute (l/min) and at 95 l/min. The initial filter penetration is also measured on clean filters. Several filters are tested with sodium chloride and several are tested with paraffin oil on a mask filter test machine.

Our items meet different international standard such as ISO16890, EN1822. Welcome to contact us for more information.


1. Universal dust/particle filter efficiency tester.
2. Precise meters for controlling flow and aerosol density.
3. Filter efficiency up to 999%.


Filter product quality approval or certification tests, and quality control test.

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