Laminar Flow Transfer Cart

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Sothis laminar flow transfer cart is designed to storage and the transfer of products that are sensitive to contamination between different areas. Our transfer cart can supply ISO 5 or ISO 4 (class 100 or class 10) storage conditions for critical components) clean environment to eliminate contamination during the transfer of sterile materials.

Product Detail



Product Details

The laminar flow transport carts is made of 304/316L stainless steel plate. The bottom of the vehicle is equipped with universal caster with brake device. The body is composed of shell, high efficiency filter, air supply system, lighting, operation module and so on. In addition, uv germicidal lamp, microcomputer controller, lead-acid battery or lithium battery, UPS power supply device and so on can be added according to the need. The equipment has the advantages of simple structure, flexible movement, convenient operation, beautiful appearance and so on.


1.Touch microcomputer controller is easy to operate and use.
2.Adjustable air flow speed (0.2~0.5m/s)
3.Using high efficiency filter, the filtration efficiency is 99.995%~99.999%@0.3 um
4.The body is made of 304 stainless steel, which is durable, easy to clean and corrosion resistant.
5.Horizontal laminar flow or vertical laminar flow design to meet different application requirements.
6.The bottom is equipped with universal wheels and has a brake function. It is more convenient to move and locate.
7.Customization is welcome.


Used in the moving of items in clean rooms such as biopharmaceuticals, laboratories, and electronics industries.

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      Product Catalogue Of Sothis (Suzhou) Environment Technology Co.Ltd

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