Horizontal Laminar Flow Hoods

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Horizontal Laminar flow hoods (Clean Benches) provide a contamination-free ISO 5 (class 100) HEPA-filtered environment and feature spacious, built-in and easy-to-sterilize stainless steel work area.In Horizontal laminar flow cabinets, clean air moves from a filter located behind the work surface toward operator. Air flow direction depends on the type of process, operator safety, clearance requirements.

Both OEM and ODM are available

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• Sothis’ Horizontal Laminar Flow Hood exceeds ISO 5 particle requirements for critical operations in the biotech, pharmaceuticals, electronics and semiconductor industries

• Powerful, low-energy fan/filter modules provide a back-to-front laminar flow of HEPA-filtered air across the work surface

• The variable-speed, electrically commutated filter/fan(s) provide average air speeds of 109 FPM (0.55 m/s) while maintaining an industry-best noise level of 50 dBA and energy efficiency

• Internal baffling plates and anodized aluminum diffuser panel ensure uniform air speed across the work area

• All models include a powder-coated steel stand with adjustable leveling feet that raise the work surface to 31” (787 mm) above the floor

• Take-up ducts along the edges minimize turbulence in the work area, providing a smooth exit for airflow

• Built-in recessed illuminator provides diffused lighting without interfering with laminar flow

• Interior surfaces, including the side panels and work surface, are 304-stainless steel; as an option, components can be electropolished to remove subsurface contaminants for an ultra-clean finish

• Exterior surfaces feature a chip-resistant, powder-coated finish

Voltage: 120 V, 240 V

Inside Width: 84cm, 145 cm

Inside Depth: 68 cm

Inside Height: 60 cm

Standard Features

Fluorescent light

Fan Filter Units

Minihelic gauge

Stainless steel work surface

Variable-speed blower

Range of Options

Status Indicator


Model CJ840
Cleanliness level ISO5(Class100) colony forming units When ≤ 0.5 pieces /plate *
( Φ 90mm plate)
Average wind speed) ≥0.25m/s(adjustable) Noise ≤62dB(A)
Vibration ≤4μm(X, Y, Z)   ≥300Lx
Working area W*D*H(CM) 85*85*60 Machine W*D*H(CM) 90*70*145
High efficiency filter 82*60*5   14W①/14W①
(L*W*H)(CM) Fluorescent lamp / UV lamp
Maximum power 0.4 Power supply AC 220V 50Hz
  100Kg Operator One side one person


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