Clean room Static Pass Box

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Pass box, also called Transfer Hatch or Pass thru is mainly used for goods transfer between clean areas, or clean areas and non-clean areas, thus reducing the frequency of opening doors and lower the risks of clean room contamination.

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Product Details

Static Pass Box For Clean Room (also pass through box) is an auxiliary device for clean room. It is mainly used for transferring of small items between clean areas of different classes of cleanliness, also between clean area and non-clean area, to reduce the number of times the clean room is opened, and to reduce the possibility of polluting the clean room to a minimum level. The pass box is made of stainless steel and is plain and smooth.


1:High grade stainless steel material

2:Precision design and production

3:Maximum Durable Construction

4:Safe structure design, easy installation, better clean room compatibility.

Product Details

1:Optional Mechanical Interlock Or Electrical Magnetic Interlock

2:Optional Hinge Or Door Shaft

3:Power Supply:AC220V 50Hz

4:Optional Equipped With DOP Test Port

5:Optional Differential Pressure Gauge


Semiconductor Industry, Liquid Crystal Displays, Optoelectronics, Pharmaceutical Industries,Precision Instruments, Chemistry, Biomedicine, Hospitals, Food Industry, Research Institutes, Schools&Universities, Aerospace, Automobiles, Painting, Printing And Other Fields

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  • 1.Optional Mechanical Interlock Or Electromagnetic Interlock
    2.Optional hinge or door shaft,Optional
    3.Sterilization Lamp
    4.Optional Differential Pressure Lamp And others

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