Clean Room Air shower Pass Through Box

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Pass box, also called Transfer Hatch or Pass thru is mainly used for goods transfer between clean areas, or clean areas and non-clean areas, thus reducing the frequency of opening doors and lower the risks of clean room contamination.

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Product Details

Air shower pass box is used when materials enter a cleanroom from a ordinary room, or when materials enter a cleanroom of low cleanliness to one of high level of cleanliness. Air shower pass box removes dusts on the materials and avoids the dusts being brought to clean rooms. Cleanliness in the pass box can reach Class 100 after primary filters and HEPA filters.


1The cabinet body is made of high-quality SUS304 stainless steel or steel plate baking paint, which is smooth and easy to clean.

2Top air supply, equipped with H14 high efficiency filter (99.995%99.999%@0.3um), achieving 100-level purification.

3Double door interlock, effectively prevent cross-contamination.

4The overall dimension of the pass through chamber (or the dimension of the working area) can be customized according to the customers needs.

5Sterilization lamp can be installed in the pass through chamber,reach the GMP requirements.

6Special sanitary silicone sealing strip to ensure air tightness.

7Safe structure design, easy installation, better clean room compatibility.

Product Details

1Optional Mechanical Interlock And Electrical Magnetic Interlock

2Optional Hinge Or Door Shaft

3Power SupplyAC220V 50Hz

4Sterilization Lamp10W/15W

5Cleanliness LevelISO5(Fed Class 100)

6Optional Equipped With DOP Test Port

7Optional Differential Pressure Gauge


Semiconductors, Liquid Crystal Displays, Optoelectronics, Pharmaceutical IndustriesPrecision Instruments, Chemistry, Biomedicine, Hospitals, Food Industry, Research Institutes, Schools&Universities, Aerospace, Automobiles, Painting, Printing And Other Fields.

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  • pdf(1)TDS -AAS-800-1A、2A Sothis Air Shower

    1.Optional Mechanical Interlock Or Electromagnetic Interlock
    2.Optional hinge or door shaft
    4.Sterilization Lamp
    5.Optional Differential Pressure Lamp And others

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