Ceiling Suspended Vertical Laminar Air Flow (CLAF)

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1.air flow direction:vertical
Stainless Steel 304 or 316 L and Electrogalvanized steel three material of constructions can be available
Gel-sealed HEPA or ULPA filter design
Energy efficient lightings positioned away from downflow
Operating at low noise level allowing efficient and comfortable working environment conditions
Zoned magnehelic gauges for differential pressure across filters
Provision of emergency stop button

Ambient air is drawn through a prefilter before entering the perforated diffuser into the supply plenum to trap larger particles and increase the life of the main filter.
The air is forced evenly through a special baffle system that channels the airflow through the gel-sealed HEPA filters, resulting in a laminar stream of clean air that is projected vertically over the internal work zone.
The downflow supply of air from the ceiling laminar airflow unit flushes and dilutes all airborne contaminants; thereby, providing a particulate-free mobile work environment for enhanced aseptic operations/ processes with guaranteed low noise levels for operator comfort.

Pharmaceutical Industry
Chemical Research Laboratory
Electronic Industry
Semi Conductor Production
Food Processing Industry
Filling Line System ISO Class 5 coverage


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    • Ceiling Suspended Vertical Laminar Air Flow
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