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Sectors & Applications1

Laboratory Equipment

The focus for Sothis in the Laboratory field is the design, manufacture, sales and after sales of equipment for R+D, quality control and analysis in sectors related to Life and Health Sciences.  Sothis offers to the market an extensive range of green line equipment made up of biological safety cabinets, laminar flow cabinets, pass throughs,particle counters and air samplers.
Sothis’solutions combine efficiency and eco-design technology including the latest developments in ergonomics adapted to work environment characteristics and production requirements. Designed and manufactured with in-house technologies, Sothis equipment for Laboratory and R+D centers are all proven to save power consumption, optimize space, save maintenance costs, invest in greater performance and efficiency and be productive with better ergonomic design.


In the field of medical sector and hospitals, Sothis specializes in the development of technology applied to medical devices for the laminar flow operating theatres.  The company offers equipment solutions with laminar flow and lighting technology for operating rooms and enclosures for immunocompromised persons. In addition to design and installation of lighting systems for the laminar flow operating theatres and ventilation systems that minimize the risk of postoperative infections, the company also offers an extensive range of equipment such as vertical and horizontal laminar flow benches, bio-safety cabinets or Aerosol Generator.

Sectors & Applications2

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